where it all began


About Lowe Bow originals

Believe it or not, bow ties weren't easy to find in the late '30s and early '40s. A bow tie man since his college days, Lowe Bow founder Don Lowe asked his creative wife Ann if she could make bow ties for him. Already a gifted seamstress, she went to work creating a pattern and building a collection of handcrafted ties. Shortly thereafter, doctors, lawyers and judges began inquiring about the ties and where to purchase them. The seed of an idea was planted and before long, Lowe Bow Originals was birthed.

In the beginning, Ann and Don traveled throughout New England selling their original handcrafted ties at craft fairs. Lugging their wares around in a small mobile home, the couple established a reputation for one of a kind bow ties. While others used mostly silk and silk blends, Lowe Bow relied on cotton as its mainstay. "Cotton holds its shape and is easier to care for" said Ann in one of her many interviews.

The couple traveled far and wide to find unique material for their bow ties. One of the many things that separated them from the competition was the fact that they only made a small number of ties for each type of fabric that they purchased. That left the purchaser with the assurance that they would indeed have a unique bow tie.


Lowe Bow's initial popularity is attributable to the endorsement of former surgeon general C. Everett Coop. He was one of the first to purchase a Lowe Bow Original. Thereafter, senators, federal judges and entertainers added Lowe Bow's to their collections. Perhaps the greatest boost to its business was an article on the front of the Wall Street Journal. The very next day, the couple fielded three hundred and fifty calls. As a small cottage industry, it took months to fulfill the back orders.

Kellie is Ann and Don's youngest granddaughter and she is married to a "bow tie" gentleman by the name of Rob. After receiving a self-tie bow tie at his brother's wedding, Rob asked Kellie to buy him a variety for Christmas. Rob began wearing bow ties at work and decided to stop wearing long ties altogether. One day in the summer of 2013, he approached Kellie about resurrecting Lowe Bow. Kellie was especially excited about the proposition as this legacy has always been very near and dear to her heart. She has always had a special affection for Lowe Bow Originals as well as very fond, sweet memories of working alongside her grandparents to make ties. The idea soon became a reality. Fourteen months and several sewing classes later, Lowe Bow Originals was excitedly and happily reborn.

Kellie and Rob are thrilled to be carrying on this amazing legacy and excited to introduce a growing community of bow tie wearers to Lowe Bow Originals and its distinctive handcrafted bow ties. In the tradition of its founders, they hope to provide a limited number of ties for each fabric so that their loyal customers will have an original and unique bow tie.

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